LCG-1600 can be applied to measure optical parameters for various kinds of LED street lights,luminaries indoor or outdoor.In detail,it can measure spatial intensity distribution curve, cross section spatial intensity distribution curve, isolux distribution curve, luminance limitation curve,area luminous flux,luminaries efficiency, glare class, total luminous flux,effective luminous flux,utilization factor,etc. Test data format meets international standard, can be output in IESNAL format and directly used in international illuminant design  software.



1. Principle



LCG-1600 Goniophotometric System carries out measuring methods of fixed location and rotating luminaires. The measured luminaire is installed on the two-dimension rotating table, using “+” laser to make the luminaire lighting center superposed with the rotating center of rotating table. The mechanical equipment allows turning the tested luminaires around a vertical axis and a horizontal axis. When tested luminaires turn around horizontal axis, the detector which is at the same level with rotating table will measure the intensity of each direction at this surface. When rotating with vertical axis, the detector will measure the intensity at the vertical surface.  The vertical and horizontal axis can be rotated continuously at ±180° or 0~360°. According to the measurement requirements, the system can be operated in C-γ coordinates. When getting intensity distribution data, computer will calculate other photometric parameters automatically.



2. Features & Specifications

1) Meets the requirements of China & IEC standards;

2) In order to ensure the luminaire installation, the system can be divided into C-γ measurement coordinates:

3) The special rotating electric devices for power supplying of tested luminaire and measurement signed transmission are constructed of precious metal fiber rings, providing six lines and reaching continuous rotating measurement;

4) The intelligent precision photodetector, V(λ) accuracy: CIE-f1’ less than 3.5%.

5) Emergency stop function;

6) Measured data match international standard form and can be applied for lighting design by other lighting design software

7) RS-232C interface, compatible with all kinds of computers; meet the international standard.

3. Laboratory Requirements 

Dark Room:
Used to place rotating table and photodetector
Dimension: 3*3.5*10m (H*W* L)
Wall, ceil and ground are painted with matt black paint.


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